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Extruder MK7 Plus+3

Extruder is the most important component for 3D printer. 
The Key to printing resolution is mostly depending on the Extruder. 
Based on MK7 extruder, WanHao has been upgraded 3 generations extruders. We are able to get better quality object at more smooth and stable way.
Advantage One.    Anti-heat ceramic fiber + Heat resistance tape provide more consistent heating at thermo preservation zone and enable even filament extruding.
Advantage Two: Super-fine CNC machined nozzle with more clearer inner wall(Ra1.6, Hole tolerance 0.4+-0.01mm) ensure more precise filament extruding and no jam.  
Advantage Three: Fine machined aluminum heating block ensure better assembling and quality.
Advantage Four: Traditional filament drive gear cannot provide sufficient clamping strength. Once the filament get uneven, the gear jammed, no matter the filament is too thin or too thick. WanHao No JAM DRIVE GEAR has sharper teeth and bearing support, almost all filaments can get through without jamming and skidding.
Advantage Five: This threaded pipe connected the filament to injecting nozzle. The filament melt in this pipe and change from solid condition to liquid condition. WanHao 12 process enable the filament flow through this pipe without difficult, even the filament become solid and re-heat to liquid state no precipitation will stay in this pipe.
Advantage Six: Military stage custom made heater, round head design, not only beautiful but also more reliable(+-1 Ohm)
Advantage seven:  POM gear housing, drive system, more durability and more precise. Easy assembly.
Advantage Eight: Step Motor, This is a custom manufactured NEMA 17 motor that has a precision Acme threaded rod